Evonik unveils probiotic Ecobiol Fizz for chickens

Evonik’s Animal Nutrition has announced that it will launch Ecobiol Fizz, the first probiotic for chicken in effervescent tablet form

lawn 3347050 640Ecobiol Fizz can be combined with common feed additives. (Image source: pasja1000/Pixabay)

The product contains a microbial strain of the species Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and is used to stabilise the intestinal microbiota of broilers and chicken reared for laying, especially during stressful periods. It is characterised by its simple and flexible application through the animals’ water supply.

“We are continuously working to provide our customers with increasingly comprehensive solutions for efficient, sustainable and healthy animal nutrition,” said Torben Madsen, head of the sustainable healthy nutrition product line in Evonik’s Animal Nutrition business line. “Probiotics have proven to be a good alternative to the use of growth-promoting antibiotics in the barn.” 

With Ecobiol and Ecobiol Plus, Evonik already has two effective chicken products based on the bacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens added to feed or feed premix. However, feed is used as a ready-mix on the farm. Fast, the situational response is hardly possible. Ecobiol Fizz is different: farmers can apply the product flexibly through the water line during stress periods for animals or add it as a continuous aid to their operation.

Stress can be caused by feed changes, infections or vaccinations. In such cases, a resilient immune system based on a balanced intestinal microbiota is required.

The additional administration of the probiotic via water is then suitable. “Especially when animals are not doing well, they eat less, but drink more,” said Dr Stefan Eils, who is responsible for gut health solutions in the animal nutrition business line.

The novel formulation of Ecobiol Fizz as an effervescent tablet has the advantage of the homogeneous distribution of bacterial spores in water without stirring. One effervescent tablet is sufficient for 1,000 litres of water. Homogeneity has been demonstrated for at least 24 hours. The formulation of the effervescent tablet does not contain sugar or other additives that promote the formation of biofilm or clogging in the water line system.

Ecobiol Fizz can be combined with common feed additives.

The product is now available in Europe. Marketing in other regions is scheduled to follow in spring 2021.


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