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OCP Group launches new subsidiary

OCP Group, a firm committed to the development of the agricultural ecosystem in Africa, has set up its new subsidiary OCP Africa

OCP Africa made the announcement at the ‘Argus FMB Fertiliser’ 2016 conference, which took place in Marrakech in February.

According to OCP Group, the new subsidiary aims to contribute to meeting the challenge of creating structured, efficient and sustainable agriculture in Africa by giving agricultural producers all the resources they need in order to create affordable products, services and partnerships.

With more than half of the non-cultivated arable land that is available globally, Africa is able to feed itself and feed the rest of the world, stated OCP Group.

Following an investment of US$530mn, the ‘African Fertiliser Complex’ (AFC) is the first fertiliser plant with production fully dedicated to Africa.

OCP has highlighted that its objectives are to improve the fertility and productivity of African soils, to secure the production of competitive fertilisers, to guarantee the transport of agricultural inputs to farmers and to contribute alongside farmers to the development of sustainable agricultural ecosystems. ­­­­