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Korean companies looking to invest in farming in Mozambique

The Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) announced in Beira, Mozambique that it wants to develop rice and corn crops and produce red meat, poultry and eggs along the Beira Corridor

Director of the KRCC, Kwon Jaer Lee,said that by the end of the year the group will conduct a study and that this project will be set up in 2017. Lee did not give a specific figure for the investment but said that 'there were plans to produce and transfer technology to farmers so they can increase agricultural production.'

Lee also said that the company plans at an early stage to focus on improving rice production in order to reduce annual imports of more than 300,000 tonnes of rice to Mozambique.

The South Korean mission, according to Mozambican news agency AIM, was in the Buzio district to visit local rice projects.

Miguel Coimbra, the director of agriculture and food security of Sofala,said the province has areas and potential to accommodate the South Korean projects and noted that the main focus of the province is development of the rice crop.

“Maize, cattle, poultry for egg production, cassava, beans and vegetables were other potential areas presented to the South Koreans,” he said.