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Pöttinger update award-winning loader wagon


TORRO loader wagon with award-winning autocut automatic knife sharpening system now available

As a specialist in loader wagons, Pöttinger product development focuses on innovations in technology and efficiency. An innovation that fulfils both criteria in full is the TORRO loader wagon with the autocut automatic knife sharpening system. The TORRO loader wagon has been equipped with a new design of cleaning system for clearing the chopping unit. The gaps between the knives are cleaned efficiently to ensure that the individual knife protection system is not obstructed and that the knife bank can function perfectly to deliver consistently high chopping quality. The new cleaning system is available as an optional upgrade.

Autocut: completely automatic sharpening in 3 minutes

The multiple-award-winning automatic knife sharpening system 'autocut' is now also available for the TORRO. Autocut enables automatic, convenient sharpening of all 39 knives in just three minutes, in-situ on the TORRO loader wagon. This system considerably reduces the time spent on maintenance while ensuring optimum chopping quality during operation at all times. At the same time diesel consumption is reduced by up to 15 per cent, meaning you can save around five litres per hour, or increased performance of up to 15 per cent at no extra cost. For an average loader wagon operation of 300 hours per year, savings of up to €3,000 per annum can therefore be achieved.

Load cover system

Forward-thinking engineers at Pöttinger have developed a load cover system for the JUMBO combiline: this keeps harvested material in place, especially lightweight chopped material, so that nothing is lost during road transport. This feature is especially interesting for biogas plants. Pöttinger has already covered possible future legal issues here, as legislators are already discussing possible legal requirements for the safe containment of agricultural materials in transport. The load cover system is currently available for loader wagon models JUMBO 7210 L combiline and 10010 L combiline, with availability for all other JUMBO combiline models next year.

The control of the load cover system is conveniently integrated into the Power Control system. This solution, which has been developed especially for loader wagons, also features a hydraulic interlock that eliminates operator errors and enables high speed safe journeys.