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Africa receives support from Royal Innovative for agricultural growth

Royal Innovative, a company engaged in international trade, logistics, project management, and financing has extended support to help boost Africas agriculture 

While Turkey's exports to Africa increased in 2022, agricultural products came to the fore in the commercial relations between the two countries. Boris Volfman, Founder of Royal Innovative said, Agricultural trade and cooperation between Turkey and African countries draws attention. This contributes to the modernisation and development of the agricultural sector in African countries. We, as Royal Innovative, increased the total trade volume between Africa and Turkey in 2022. While we supported hundreds of farmers thanks to our agricultural platform, we also supported a lot of investment in African countries through the lease of agricultural lands.

Stating that agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa, bananas, tropical fruits and spices are exported from Africa to Turkey, Boris Volfman mentioned that the cooperation between the two countries has moved to another dimension with the leasing of agricultural lands.

According to official statements, Turkey has leased 1 million acres of agricultural land from Sudan in recent years. In 2020, an agreement was signed between Turkey and Niger for the allocation of an area of 1 million hectares to Turkey. The country's agricultural technology plays an important role in the modernisation and development of the Africa's agriculture sector, while also boosting income.