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Agritask and Hollard Mozambique to expand agri insurance platform in southern Africa

Agritask, one of the leading global developers of a holistic agronomic operations platform, and Hollard Mozambique, a premier insurance group in Mozambique, have partnered to provide digital solutions to local stakeholders offering crop insurance for farmers in their respective value chains

To enable the use of high-resolution data at a national scale, the platform creates a village-based geographical clusterisation for the whole country and will integrate additional data layers used to enhance risk assessment. Insured farms will be registered and mapped onto the platform, offering the real-time tracking of relevant parameters at each plot and at the portfolio level.

The partnership will include data capturing tens of thousands of smallholders initially, with the expectation that it will increase ten-fold.

Dr Rom Aviv, managing director, head of insurance of Agritask, commented, “Creating a robust digital infrastructure can greatly enhance the existing methods. For countries prone to natural disasters such as Mozambique, it can also serve to strengthen preparedness and rehabilitation efforts, such as by generating alerts for the relevant farmers to take precaution.”

Israel Muchena, managing director, agricultural insurance of Hollard, commented that the collaboration is set to enable technologies and shares the same goals as ours.