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Boosting date farming in Eritrea

Through numerous initiatives, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced intensified efforts to expand date farming in Eritrea

The Ministry in 2017, launched a major initiative promoting the date farming sector in the Northern and Southern Red Sea regions. This included providing specialised training to farmers and introducing high-quality seedlings. Head of Bio-Technology at the National Agricultural Research Institute and coordinator of the date farming project, Musie Fekadu reported that around 23,000 date trees yielding 75-200 Kg of dates, had been successfully planted and were currently thriving. 

In 2022, Eritrea marked a significant milestone in its agricultural journey by becoming the 41st member of the Date Producing and Processing Countries, during the seventh International Date Summit held in Dubai. In the future, Musie aims to bolster Eritrea‚Äôs position in the global date market by increasing the number of date trees in the targeted regions to 300,000 by 2030, thereby contributing significantly to the nation's agricultural output.