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Ensuring crop nutrition

Uralchem and Uralkali provide farmers with a complete range of fertilisers, essential for plant growth

The supply of fertilisers in the right quantity and quality at the right time and place goes a long way in increasing farmers’ productivity, enhancing household incomes and in building food security.

Uralchem, a producer of mineral fertilisers, has a wide range of products used in plant cultivation and animal husbandry, including nitrogenous fertilisers commonly used in agriculture, such as ammonium nitrate, urea prilled, calcium ammonium nitrate granulated. In addition, Uralchem manufactures a number of NPK compounds and specialty water soluble fertilisers used in chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, mining, glass manufacturing and other industries.

Uralkali is the leading global producer of potash (potassium chloride) or MOP, accounting for about 20% of global potash production. The company mines potash ore, which is then enriched and converted into final product ready to be used as a fertiliser for direct application to the soil, a component for NPK blending and the source of potassium in the compound NPK manufacturing process. Uralchem and Uralkali’s manufacturing facilities are located in Russia.

In Africa

UFCL was established in early 2019 to perform commercial and marketing activities in Africa on behalf of Uralchem and Uralkali. Proximity of offices to major African markets locates UFCL within arm’s reach to its customers and to those enterprises willing to engage into new business relationships.

Apart from fertilisers, UFCL focuses on providing value-added services and building practical knowledge of environmentally-friendly crop production and the economical benefits, as well as test alternative fertilisation programmes. The company’s experts, alongside its customers (importers and distributors) establish field trials to demonstrate the effect of balanced crop nutrition to frontliners and major stakeholders of the agricultural sector: farmers.

Crop nutrients

Together with partners, UFCL distributes compound NPK grades, produced through a latest granulation manufacturing route, which ensures that each granule possesses superb physical properties (strength, density and shape) and contains primary nutrients (N, P and K) and sulphur. In nitrogenous fertilisers, UFCL supplies commonly used prilled urea, ammonium nitrate and CAN granular

Potassium chloride (MOP) is universal, as it also can be applied directly to the field, which is very important in order to achieve balanced supply of nutrients for high quality yields. MOP is also distributed by UFCL.

The specialty fertilisers portfolio provides robust solutions for crops under irrigation. High purity and fully water soluble potassium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, calcium nitrate concentrated, urea micro prills and foliar NPK+ME are specifically made for high-tech sensitive systems.