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Evon-Tryptophan capacityik expands its L

EVONIK INDUSTRIES (GERMANY) announces a capacity increase of
TrypAMINO (L-Tryptophan) at Evonik Fermas s.r.o., a 100 per cent affiliated
company of Evonik AG, in Slovenska Lupca, Slovakia.

TrypAMINO (L-Tryptophan) at Evonik Fermas s.r.o., a 100 per cent affiliated
company of Evonik AG, in Slovenska Lupca, Slovakia.


The Tryptophan plant will be expanded to a final capacity of 2,000
tonnes/year, with significant additional volumes coming on stream by
August 2011. The expanded production line takes advantage of
a significant improvement of the company’s proprietary technology. In
addition to that, the infrastructure of the site has been re-organized,
leading to a leaner and more efficient operational set-up.


“Through these changes, we believe the competitiveness of Evonik’s
European biotechnology manufacturing platform is further elevated. And
besides L-Tryptophan, this platform also continues to successfully
manufacture L-Threonine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine and L-Proline,”
explains Dr. Walter Pfefferle, Head of the Bioproducts Business Line of

The TrypAMINO expansion complements two recent expansion
announcements of the Health & Nutrition Business Unit of Evonik, namely
the expansion of its MetAMINO production line scheduled for
completion in 2014 and the expansion of its Biolys production in Blair,
USA. The current Biolys capacity will be nearly doubled by August 2012
with first additional quantities already being available in November this

These expansions are made in order to sustainably supply the rapidly
growing demand of the company’s feed grade amino acids customers,
while underlining the strategic importance of biotechnology within

L-Tryptophan, which Evonik is marketing under the brand name
TrypAMINO is an essential amino acid which is still in an emerging
stage in animal nutrition. It cannot be synthesized by the body and
therefore needs to be ingested by the animal with the feed. An optimal
Tryptophan to Lysine ratio enhances feed intake, weight gain and the
nutritional value of the feed, while nitrogen excretion is reduced by
balancing the dietary crude protein content to the animal’s requirement.

Evonik is the only company in the world that produces and markets all
four essential amino acids used in advanced animal nutrition:
MetAMINO (DL-Methionine), Biolys (L-Lysine), ThreAMINO (LThreonine)
and TrypAMINO (L-Tryptophan). The company markets
innovative products and services in more than one hundred countries
and thus makes a valuable contribution to the cost-efficiency of its
customers and to healthy and environment-friendly animal nutrition.