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Mastercard platform connects small farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Mastercard Farmer Network platform is set to improve market access, increase price transparency and digitise payments to connect small farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Besides, Mastercard has expanded its partnership with Unilever to create Jaza Duka  - a digital programme for micro-merchants in Kenya with more than 18,000 duka owners already registered. The programme provides a micro-credit eligibility recommendation to Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), which can then assess a retailer’s credit worthiness and extend credit for stock purchases.

Additional efforts include ongoing work on government disbursement solutions, wage digitisation of private sector workers, solutions for gig workers, scaling efforts with fintechs, digital platforms and digital wallets/apps, solutions addressing needs of the financially vulnerable and the expansion of CityKey and Community Pass programmes.

Building on COVID-19 response, Mastercard has committed to connect one billion people, 50mn small businesses, 25mn women entrepreneurs to the digital economy by 2025.