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Mauritius aims for profitable sugarcane industry

The government of Mauritius is planning to develop a strong and profitable sugarcane industry, said Mahen Seeruttun, minister of agro-industry and food security, at the recent Annual General Assembly of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate

“Every stakeholder must work together for the sustainable development and continuous improvement of the sugarcane sector so that the economy can reap benefits from it,” Seeruttun added.

In his address, the minister highlighted that the government’s main goal is to produce at least 400,000 tonnes of sugar annually. In order to achieve this goal, the government is maintaining around 55,000 ha of land under sugarcane cultivation.

He further added that several measures have been taken to support producers to increase their production and motivate those who have abandoned their fields for a return to sugarcane cultivation.

The Mauritius government has earmarked around US$1.48mn in budget 2017-2018, aiming to restore 500 ha under sugarcane cultivation.

Speaking to the press, Seeruttun said that the sugarcane industry contributes to the country’s economy, the energy and environmental sectors.

In regards to the country’s strategy of exporting sugar to the European market and the abolition of the sugar quota, the minister cautioned that Mauritius needs to be prepared to face greater competition from other large sugar producers.

“One of our options is to negotiate a new agreement with Great Britain, in the wake of the Brexit, to export our sugar to that country,” he said.