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Ministry of Agriculture conducts meeting to assess Eritrea’s agricultural activity progress

Assessment meetings on progress of agricultural activities in Eritrea. (Image source: Ministry of Information, Eritrea)

Focusing on the first quarter’s progress and the five-year strategic plan, the Ministry of Agriculture conducted an activity assessment meeting on 30 May in the port city of Assab

Reports presented during the meeting highlighted the key elements of the five-year strategic plan, including land development, natural resource management, crop and livestock development, integrated and sustainable agro-business, and human resources development.

Omar Mahmud, acting Director General of Agriculture and Land, shed light on the utilisation of both rainfall and irrigation farming methods to conduct various agricultural activities in the region. He also noted the completion of micro-dams in Afambo and Debaisima, with another in Romoda, South Dankalia being currently under construction.

Extensive discussions then ensued among participants, who adopted several recommendations that included providing support to irrigation farmers, strengthening forestry safety and developing sweet potato farming, among others.

Speaking at the event, Minister Arefaine Berhe highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at increasing agricultural production. He also called for reinforced efforts in developing household poultry farms, cultivating sweet potatoes, bee farming, and expanding date and other fruit farming, laying specific emphasis on the importance of strengthening participation among relevant institutions, agricultural experts, administrators, and the public. Moreover, the need to strengthen the information and data systems was also discussed by Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai