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National Agricultural Research Institute conducts annual activity assessment meeting in Eritrea

In the presence of government officials, agricultural experts and researchers, the National Agricultural Research Institute conducted its annual activity assessment meeting on 9 January in Halhale, Eritrea

During the meeting, Tsegay Berhane, head of the research institute, highlighted several key achievements of 2023 including the development of improved wheat seeds, cross-breeding of corn seeds and the development of green fodder, among others. 

In addition, the report also outlined the renovation of 35 field pea samples and 75 common bean samples, along with the collection of four types of tree samples from the genetic resources research branch, for further study. 

While the participants engaged in extensive discussions on the presented report and adopted various recommendations, Tsegay further highlighted the nationwide efforts in soil and water conservation activities and the enhancement of agricultural infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, Minister Arefaine Berhe emphasised the importance of boosting agricultural production through agricultural research, soil and water conservation efforts and the adoption of modern farming techniques.