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New Holland Agriculture wins three medals at 2001 SIMA Innovation and Edison Awards

New Holland Agriculture’s innovation in combine harvesting has been recognised with silver and a bronze medal at the SIMA Innovation awards

SIMA Awards 2021

New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural brand of CNH Industrial N.V, was awarded a silver and bronze medal at the SIMA 2021 Innovation Awards in recognition for its innovations in combine harvesting technology. The silver medal was awarded in the “From Harvest to Storage” category for nutria sense TM, the in-harvest nutrient analysis system which collects agronomic data enabling the farmer to make informed decisions in order to maximize their sales.  The integration of the Near Infrared (NIR) sensor enables the analysis, recording and mapping of crop composition during harvest. The bronze medal was awarded in the “Parts, Services and Onboard Electronics” category to the cleaning system pressure sensors.  

Edison Awards 2021

At the 2021 edition of the Edison Awards, New Holland Agriculture was awarded the gold medal for its ground-breaking loop master knotting technology featured on its big baler 1290 high density and big baler pus range. Named after and inspired by Thomas Alva Edison, the annual Edison Awards recognise excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design and innovation. The innovative knotting system uses a new type of secure double knot, which is stronger and has numerous advantages. The loop knotting process eliminates twine off-cuts from being discarded in the field resulting in cost and environmental benefits.