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Nigeria to develop an overall farming ecosystem

Springfield Agro Limited, in partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, has announced its collaboration with the Katsina State government to develop agriculture and a farming ecosystem in Nigeria and provide customised farming solutions for the country’s farming community

The collaboration was announced in the launch of the Farm-To-Folk initiative in Katsina State.

Under the partnership programme, Springfield and Mahindra will setup agri-centres across the state to be known as Chibiyar Chi Gaban Manoma Gromost Centre. According to the company, the Gromost centre will be a one-stop shop to empower farmers with the knowledge of soil, seeds, micro-irrigation and harvesting and the relevant method for crop caring.

The launch included commissioning of 225 tractors by Aminu Masari, governor of the Katsina State, as part of the government’s effort to encourage Nigeria’s farming and support for the growth of farmers unions and other agro-based associations in the country.

Alhaji Aminu Masari, executive governor of Katsina State, said, “Our intention is to deploy adequate farm machinery and mechanisation to a level that will boost agricultural productivity to at least 50 per cent of international standards.”

Speaking on the initiative, Ashok Thakur, vice president and head of operations of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd for Africa, said, “We are delighted to provide them with resources to reap the most from what they sow. The launch of the Gromost Centre in Katsina state is in line with this philosophy.”

Thakur added, “The idea behind launching Gromost Centres is to further boost local employment, aid local sourcing, disseminate knowledge, enhance skill sets and offer custom made solutions.”

Tarun Kumar Das, managing director at Springfield Agro, commented, “Private sector investment in agriculture is the panacea to diversifying Nigeria's economy. We need to deepen alliances and invest in new solutions. More importantly, we want to be part of the smallholder farmer's story by helping them rise. Given the proper support, the smallholder farmers can feed the future of the country and the continent.”