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Nigerian government launches fertiliser control act

The Nigerian government has launched Fertiliser Control Act 2019 to protect the agricultural chain players, manufacturers, producers, blenders, importers, distributors and end-users, thus boosting the economy

Muhammad Sabo Nanono, minister of agriculture and rural development who launched the act in Abuja, said that it would provide an enabling environment for fertiliser enterprises to grow and safeguard the investment in the agricultural sector and paved the way for return on investment.

According to Nanono, the supply of fertilisers and other farm inputs in the right quantity and quality at the right time and place at an affordable price backed with proper management practices would go a long way in increasing farmers’ productivity, enhance household incomes and by extension guarantee food security at the national level.

The act provides stiff penalties for up to five years imprisonment for offences in the value chain – a manufacturer, blender, importer or distributor in Nigeria who operates with an expired permit or certificate of registration; selling any fertiliser supplement that contains destructive ingredients or properties harmful to plant growth and engaging in the illegal sales, distribution, transportation of fertilisers, among others.

Nanono alluded to the quick ascent of the fertiliser act by President Mohammed Buhari. This shows the importance and commitment attached by the Nigerian government to agriculture.