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Realising yield prediction for growers and crop advisors

Hoogendoorn Growth Management has introduced sustainable training for international growers on how to use their data based on the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment

Since the start of Data-Driven Growing, it has been made easier for growers by enriching their data to realise a yield prediction.

According to Hoogendoorn, the yield prediction provides a number of benefits for growers and crop advisors.

For growers, it is important to start registering data to achieve more insights and gaining more steering elements. A grower can anticipate the market demand by utilising yield predictions. Therefore, the optimum production quantity can be realised, with which the grower can realise an optimal pricing strategy.

Moreover, when applying the yield prediction, it is possible to deploy your staff efficiently. This way you save time and costs which leads to a higher turnover.

The use of data makes it easier for crop advisors (worldwide) to provide advice to growers. The yield prediction makes it possible to provide specific advice based on market demand. It is made easy for crop advisors to gain insights into the temperature increase per hour for the purpose of yield optimisation.

Based on this, crop advisors can provide growers with better advice for crop management.