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Seed-X and TomaTech use AI to accelerate hybrid tomatoes breeding

Innovative agtech company Seed-X and tomato seed breeding company TomaTech have announced a new pilot of GeNee Breeder, a seed phenotype analysis system that aims to provide a real-time classification of a wide range of genetic traits in vegetable, row crop seeds and grains

“By combining Seed-X advanced computer vision and AI technology with TomaTech's innovative and superior quality hybrid tomato breeding programme, we aim to accelerate time to market by significantly increasing the probability of desired traits when segregating population and improving prediction capability in the breeding process,” said Dr Favi Vidavski, general manager of TomaTech.

In order to achieve quality traits in vegetables today, many breeders rely mainly on their proprietary breeding expertise and work processes. Seed-X's GeNee Breeder is expected to provide breeders with an alternative seed qualification system that analyses seed images.

GeNee Breeder is set to capitalise on genetic models that until now have been off-limits to all but the seed industry's biggest players due to lack of relevant genomic information.

The pilot programme, which will take place in TomaTech's breeding site in Rehovot, in central Israel, will study the variation within each seed population and the prediction accuracy for different types of traits.