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SustainCERT partners with Regrow Ag to offer solutions for decarbonisation projects

Leading climate impact verifier, SustainCERT on 8 August, announced a partnership with agriculture resilience platform provider, Regrow Ag to offer an end-to-end Scope 3 (value chain) GHG emissions measurement, reporting and verification solution for agricultural supply chains

The objective of the partnership is to help companies make material impact and reduce their Scope 3 emissions. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the food and agriculture value chain contributes 31% of the world’s global GHG emissions. However, studies have shown that natural climate solutions like regenerative agriculture enables food systems to contribute up to 37% of climate mitigation needed to reach the world’s 2030 climate goals. 

SustainCERT recently launched the world's first value chain decarbonisation solution, a unique platform of software and services combining climate account expertise with industry-leading technology. This platform not only provides companies with the ability to verify and claim GHG impact from interventions, but also the ability to transfer GHG impacts between supply chain partners and other eligible entities. This allows companies to credibly co-claim and co-invest in GHG reductions and removals in their supply chains, thereby sharing the costs of decarbonisation and scaling action faster.

Regrow’s agriculture resilience platform leverages satellite data, machine learning, and robust soil modelling to quantify on-farm GHG emission baselines, reductions, and removals, including soil carbon sequestration, at the field level. Monitoring 1.2 billion acres and powering more than 2 million acres of farmer-facing programmes, Regrow enables farmers to financially benefit from practice change, and companies to invest and report with confidence.

Through their partnership, SustainCERT and Regrow will offer an industry-first end-to-end solution, creating a more efficient and streamlined process and enabling Regrow’s measurement and reporting outcomes to feed directly into SustainCERT’s digital verification system.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Regrow to identify scalable ways to support credible Scope 3 action,” said Marion Verles, CEO of SustainCERT. “This partnership will focus on combining the power and value of our market leading platforms to measure, report and verify agriculture Scope 3 climate impact projects. Regrow’s customers will benefit from a seamless verification process – providing more accurate project impact results, faster.” Anastasia Volkova, CEO and co-founder of Regrow explained, "This advancement with SustainCERT will facilitate the implementation of robust on-farm programs at a large scale, ultimately helping to position agriculture as a pivotal force in achieving the world’s net-zero targets."

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