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TİKA launches vegetable and moringa production garden in Niger village

TİKA established a vegetable and moringa production garden for 100 women members of Yaloufoiram Women’s Group. (Image source: TİKA)

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has established a vegetable and moringa garden in the Yaloufoiram village of Niger, boosting women employment

Rural areas of Zinder are one of the regions most affected by acute drought cases in Niger. The government of Niger plays a huge role in encouraging the establishment of agricultural production facilities in the region. This largely helps in meeting the nutritional needs of the growing population and ensuring food security in the region.

Women play a significant role in agricultural production processes in Niger and the establishment of the production garden has enabled 100 women members of the Yaloufoiram Women’s Group, who are engaged in agriculture in the Yaloufoiram village of Dogo, in Zinder, to earn their living, contribute to the supply chain of the region, and boost agricultural production capacity of the region.

The garden, spanning a total area of 3 hectares, features 2 water wells and a water tank powered by solar energy panels, California-type irrigation systems, material warehouses and necessary agricultural equipment. The moringa plant is well-known for its rapid growth and high consumption in Niger and is anticipated to generate income in a short period of its industrial production.