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Trimble donates US$100,000 to World Food Programme

As humanitarian crisis spreads across the globe, leaving millions of people hungry in its wake, Trimble Agriculture on the occasion or World Food Day, extended their support through the donation of US$100,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme US

Trimble’s donation will go to support the United Nations World Food Programme’s greatest needs programming, which includes emergency food assistance. Being on the frontlines of the world’s worst hunger crises, the UN World Food Programme, the UN’s logistics leader, deploys its advanced network of 5,600 trucks, 100 planes and 30 ships to ensure food is delivered to those who need it most.

“Through support of organisations that align with our mission to feed the world, we hope to provide food for communities who are made vulnerable by circumstances they cannot control, including women and children,” said vice president and general manager of Trimble Agriculture, Jim Chambers

Moreover, Food Programme USA president and CEO, Barron Segar expressed his gratitude to Trimble for their generous contribution, highlighting that the private sector, during these unprecedented times, played a pivotal role in helping them fund essential programmes for vulnerable communities. 

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