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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency supports Guinean farmers

In cooperation with TİKA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Guinea, 75 tonnes of corn was harvested on a total of 15 hectares of land in Coyah, Dubreka and Kindia

Under the project, which benefited 120 families in total, TİKA provided simple agricultural tools, seeds, fertilisers and pesticides to the farmers. The technical team of the Guinea Ministry carried out the training and inspection stages of the whole process. 75 tonnes of corn, which was sold at US$2 per kilogram in the Guinea market, was harvested.

Expressing his satisfaction with the project, Fode Sory Bangoura, said, “We, farmers, specified the price for one kilogram as 7500 GNF, and this rises to 20,000 GNF in the capital Conakry market. As we generate income from the sale of corn, we use it both for our food needs and animal feed. We would like to thank TİKA for a product with high added value for farmers and for their support. We're counting on TİKA to provide more support.”