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UfarmX partners with Africa GreenTec to combat climate change and post-harvest challenges

Agtech company UfarmX recently announced a sustainable partnership with Africa GreenTec to support women farmers in Senegal grappling with the aftermath of climate change

Through their partnership, UfarmX and Africa GreenTec have planned to launch a pilot programme that enables women farmers to access solar-powered storage containers at subsidised rates. Unlike traditional models, which require farmers to purchase containers outright, this initiative offers a more accessible and cost-effective solution, empowering farmers while mitigating climate risks.

Africa GreenTec's solar-powered solutions offer a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources, enabling communities to access clean, reliable electricity while reducing carbon emissions and environmental degradation. By integrating renewable energy technologies with UfarmX's agricultural platform, the partnership will enhance productivity, efficiency, and resilience within Senegal's farming communities.

This pilot programme represents a pivotal stride towards the widespread adoption of scalable solutions that address the evolving needs of farmers across Africa and beyond. UfarmX has collaborated with more than 1,400 smallholder farmer partners to date, demonstrating the ability to increase crop yields by an average of 300%. Through community engagement initiatives such as these, UfarmX strives to scale climate action and impact across the continent, creating pathways for agricultural innovation and economic empowerment. 

“At UfarmX, we recognise the urgent need for collective action to confront the impacts of climate change on agriculture," said CEO of UfarmX, Alexander Zanders. “Our partnership with Africa GreenTec signifies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment. Together, we will work to safeguard livelihoods, preserve ecosystems, and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.”

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