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Uganda urged to invest more in agriculture

The World Bank has advised Uganda and other African countries to invest more in agriculture and manufacturing to combat poverty across the continent

Frank Byamugisha, land specialist at the World Bank, stated that Africa has focused mainly on its natural resources sector, which has led to extreme poverty across the continent.

"Agriculture and manufacturing are labour intensive and normally produce jobs, but have not participated in the continent's growth except for in a few countries," he said, speaking at the International Federation of Surveyors Working Week in Nigeria.

Byamugisha stated that African countries have experienced high agricultural growth rates in the past decade, however countries in the continent have not prioritised the sector to eradicate poverty.

Agriculture provides an income to 70 per cent of the population in Africa, therefore growth in the sector will make a bigger contribution to combating poverty than growth in other economic sectors, the World Bank said.

Byamugisha added that revenue from Africa's agricultural sector is distributed to the poor, however, revenue from oil and minerals is invested in sectors that usually do not benefit people in the country.