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Zambia exports more than 200,000 tonnes of maize

Zambia has exported more than 200,000 tonnes of maize from the 2.47mn tonnes the country produced during the 2012-13 farming season

Food Reserve Agency (FRA) executive director, Chola Kafwabulala, stated that the country would deliver 20,000 tonnes of maize to Tanzania, 35,000 tonnes to Malawi and 150,000 tonnes of the produce to Zimbabwe.

Under the export programme, which began in April this year, 15,000 tonnes of maize has already been shipped to Tanzania and 5,000 to Malawi, according to Kafwabulala.

"For Zimbabwe, so far we have exported 12,000 tonnes of maize and we should be concluding with this programme come the end of this year," Kafwabulala said.

"This represents that we have so far purchased 74 per cent of our targeted consignment from across the country this marketing season and we are on course to meet the September 30 deadline."

The lowest purchases were recorded in western province, which has reported a quantity of 4,000 tonnes of maize from an expected target of 10,000 tonnes.

The highest purchases, however were recorded in northern province, were 74,000 tonnes of maize have been purchased out of the targeted 52,000 tonnes.