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Zimbabwe to host first traditional and organic food festival

Zimbabwe will host its first traditional and organic food festival at the Botanic Gardens in Harare on 7 December 2013

A number of organisations and groups will be present at the event, including Zimbabwe Adding Value to Sustainable Agriculture Produce (ZAVSAP) and Zimbabwe Organic Producers and Promoters Association (ZOPPA), according to Chaipa Mutandwa, national programmes coordinator for the Bee-Keepers Association of Zimbabwe.

“Their participation will be in conjunction with the Food and Nutrition Council, the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA)," Chaipa stated.

“The organisations have come together to organise the first “Traditional and Organic Food Festival.”

He added that the festival will have a variety of stalls run by farmer groups, NGOs, government institutes and processors.

“The restaurant at the Botanic Gardens will be used for cooking demonstrations and mini-workshops to teach visitors, both adults and children, how to cook various things. At the Educational Centre, we will have mini-lectures and talks on food-related topics,” Chaipa said.

Wallace Mawire