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Hydrofarm launches PHOTOBIO•TX and PHOTOBIO•T linear top lights

Hydrofarm Holdings Group, an independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, has launched PHOTOBIO•TX and PHOTOBIO•T linear top lights — the newest additions to the Phantom PHOTOBIO series of next generation LED tech solutions

The high-performance products, optimised for greenhouse applications, were developed by Hydrofarm and further expand the company’s portfolio of innovative and proprietary branded products such as lighting, climate control, nutrients and growing media.

“We believe that our PHOTOBIO TX and T top lights are smart, affordable investments for growers looking to successfully cultivate all types of crops in controlled environments and their homes. The Phantom PHOTOBIO LED line’s exacting design, extreme efficiency and extraordinary performance support the power to grow healthier food and plants,” said Bill Toler, CEO and chairman of Hydrofarm. “Following our December 2020 IPO, we continue to enhance our portfolio with equipment to empower our customers.”

Phantom PHOTOBIO•TX and PHOTOBIO•T are slim, high efficiency LED top lights that act as a natural light supplement for greenhouses. They provide minimal self-shading and can also act as a strong sole-source LED that provides better plant canopy access. The ultra-effective commercial design utilises a proprietary heat sink construction, and the products are built with architectural-grade aluminium and a unique heat pipe cooling system that provides superior heat dissipation. The S4 spectrum delivers ideal conditions for plant health to deliver consistent crop quality. These fixtures provide horticulture professionals with increased performance and yields while maximising ROI.