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Cristiano Lorenzini of OP Lorenzini Naturamica of Mantua, confirmed that the solutions provided by Arrigoni were indeed effective. (Image Source: Arrigoni)

New field tests conducted on the land of Italian industry leaders OP Lorenzini Naturamica of Mantua and Azienda Agricola Malavasi provided abundant confirmation of the efficacy of use of Arrigoni Lirsa brand agrofilms in controlling temperature, increasing plants’ yields, reducing water use and ensuring earlier ripening of the crop

Arrigoni, a constant investor in research and development, will be presenting this and other innovative solutions for protecting melons and all greenhouse fruit and vegetable crops at the upcoming GreenTech in Amsterdam, the key international show for the entire production chain, to be held from 11-13 June 2024

Examples of two agrofilms include Lirsalux and TraTec, that come with very high thermal insulation properties, mainly used to deliver earlier cropping and mitigate low winter temperatures, reducing frost damage. These products are particularly effective for the cold-weather protection of crops like melon and watermelon. Other products particularly well suited to crops like melon include Prisma and Robuxta

For late summer crops, the use of Sanalux low tunnel film is ideal, because it cuts off NIR (Near InfraRed) radiation, keeping the temperature in the tunnel significantly lower. This characteristic helps to create a healthier environment where plants can grow and prosper in June and July, the hottest months.

Last but not least, Arrigoni has a rich assortment of mulching films, also under the Lirsa brand, such as the Thermoplast range films developed for greenhouse or orchard applications and have significant effects on plant growth, increasing crop size and quality.

Cristiano Lorenzini of OP Lorenzini Naturamica of Mantua, in its specific case used the Lirsalux, Sanalux and TraTec films. He confirmed that the solutions provided by Arrigoni were indeed effective. 

“Melon growers like us can face two conflicting needs: plants transplanted early can require more heat to protect them from possible late frosts and bring production forward significantly. At the same time, plants transplanted late can still need a good level of heat but it’s also important to prevent scorching on the hottest days,” said  Lorenzini. “By using Arrigoni Lirsa brand agrofilms, we were able to achieve these aims easily, hugely reducing plant stress levels. We found plants’ output was much more uniform, with higher product degrees Brix and an overall improvement in fruit quality over a very long crop cycle,” he concluded.  

To meet Arrigoni at GreenTech, visit: stand 345 in hall 01

For more information, visit:  

Products exhibited at the event provide solutions to important economic, climatic, societal and environmental issues. (Image source: SPACE)

The next SPACE Expo, will take place from 17-19 September 2024 at the Rennes Exhibition Centre, in France

Located in Western France, Europe's largest livestock-producing region, SPACE (Salon de la Production Agricole - Carrefour Européen) has been strongly associated with Europe since its creation in 1987. The vision of its founders was and still remains to make SPACE the key event for all sectors.

Around 1,200 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors are expected to attend the event, this year. Products exhibited at the event provide solutions to important economic, climatic, societal and environmental issues. With a continued focus on new generations, their products and interactions with working farmers, the event has been rightfully recognised as being a symbol of a positive, ambitious and dynamic outlook: Empowering Generations: Let’s invent the Future

Their full and varied conference programme will cover a range of topics, making SPACE a unique meeting place for the animal farming industry. Aiming to promote the dynamic and diverse dairy industry in Western France, SPACE is also launching its new web series called ‘Milky Quest: Rendez-vous en Terres de Lait’. 

Moreover, featuring a simplified interface for smoother navigation, SPACE has recently upgraded its website. For more information about the event, visit:

The CHRONOS OMP-2090 B delivers maximum productivity through reliable, fully automatic operation, outstanding bagging accuracy and high product and operational safety. (Image source: Bühler)

Swiss technology group, Bühler recently announced its partnership with Canadian packaging equipment manufacturer, Premier Tech to launch the CHRONOS OMP-2090 B, a fully automatic bagging station

Developed for a wide range of powdery and other non-free-flowing products, the new bagging station delivers maximum productivity through reliable, fully automatic operation, outstanding bagging accuracy and high product and operational safety.

The CHRONOS OMP-2090 B features an innovative bag opening system that delivers maximum efficiency with highly reliable operation. Its innovation in bagging accuracy of approximately 25 kg is made possible through the incorporation of dosing and weighing technology and intelligent controls. Its uniquely robust bag handling concept delivers optimal uptime and has a capacity of up to 900 bags per hour and its hygienic design coupled with comprehensive safety features demonstrates Bühler's and Premier Tech’s dedication to high food and human safety standards. These features significantly optimise the profitability of millers without compromising the efficiency of their operations.

“At Premier Tech, we leverage our decades of expertise to deliver high-performing, food-safe, and cost-effective automated packaging solutions," said Partner Relations director at Premier Tech Systems and Automation, Alexis Michaud. "This dedication to quality and innovation ensures that businesses in emerging markets have access to the automation level they need to compete. Our solutions empower them to enhance their operational efficiency and product quality, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.” 

The product will be available in all markets, apart from the US, Canada and the European member states. 

For more information, visit: and

Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) and FeedValid are intensifying their collaboration on a number of issues including additional research into new and existing animal feed ingredients, consultancy and training and education programmes

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