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Boosting competitiveness of BSF industry

Swiss technology group, Bühler and Israeli genomics company, NRGene Technologies Ltd., on 6 September, announced their strategic collaboration in the area of black soldier fly (BSF) genetics and processing

Combining Bühler's high-end equipment and engineering capabilities and NRGene's novel genetics and AI-based genomics tools, the two companies, through their collaboration, offer a comprehensive solution to BSF producers. Production equipment and tailor made high-performance BSF strains are integrated into a customised solution that ensures cost-effective industrial scale production from the start. 

Insects are not only a sustainable source of protein for animal feed, they also contribute to a circular economy model as they can be be fed on organic waste from food leftovers and agriculture to produce feed for pets, fish and livestock. Moreover, the residues from insect farming, or frass, can be used as a fertiliser, contributing to the zero-waste approach

"There is a growing demand for meat to feed carnivorous pets and farm animals. It is our belief that to realise BSF's huge potential as an alternative sustainable protein source used for feed, it is essential to integrate the expertise of various disciplines into this new industry, from genetics to engineering,” said NRGene’s CEO and Founder, Gil Ronen. “We are excited to partner with Bühler as we move towards a cost-efficient industry scale-up.” 

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