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Symaga continues to expand its industrial silos

Symaga started 2020 with the installation of three new projects, consolidating its expansion into the Brazilian market and maintaining the company’s continuous growth in Mexico and Romania, keeping its position as a supplier-of-choice for large storage projects

Ab Inbev, one of the world's top brewing groups which markets, among others, its famous Brahma brand, expanded its storage capacity in there Brazil’s plants of Uberlandia and Itapisuma. The two projects, trusted to Symaga through Zeppelin Brazil, includes eight and four SCE920 / 12T60 silos, a total of 13,380m3.

Meoqui is the location of one of our most important references for this year. Its customer Buhler's project is a new malting plant for Malteurope, one of the largest malt manufacturers globally, with presence in 14 countries, and 24 plants for 2.4 million tonnes of production per year. Malteurope expands its storage capacity in Mexico by 22,548 m3. A challenging yet very satisfactory project for Symaga’s technical team, due to its very strict calculation requirements. The 12 silos SCE0993 / 19T45 have been calculated under Mexican regulations.

Another relevant project is the extension of Romania’s Scoceep port terminal extension, with six silos SBH2215 / 24, which 68346m3 of capacity. Symaga has consolidated its position as one of the main players in the Black Sea, where it has installed about one million of storage capacity.

Extensive experience of 35 years and its technical and productive capacity allow Symaga to develop brewery, malting and port terminals references in different industries such as feed plants, mills, bioethanol plants, dryers, flour mills, as well as storage of raw materials for plastics, biofuels and biomass industry.

Symaga in Africa

Symaga storage solutions have been chosen by many African governments. Sudanese government uphold access to food in the African country through a grain storage project with 300,000 tonnes of capacity. The project is divided into two plants with more than 90 silos in Barakat city, on the coast of the Blue Nile, and in Manaqil city, in the state of Al Jazirah. This project has been developed together with our client CTS Steel Silos / CTS Group.