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Symaga Silos announces COVID-19 protocol

In line with the Coronavirus outbreak, Symaga Silos has activated COVID-19 protocol, following the instructions of the government, to prevent the spread and reduce the health risks of our employees

The protocol has rolled out a number of measures to guarantee the operability and productivity of Symaga factory and offices and safety of the team.

Employees at the offices work remotely, with the emails and phone lines remaining operative.

All employees in the production department work to maintain full production capacity, and of course, have received a hygiene and contagion prevention training, with all the rules established by the government.

Regarding logistics, all drivers collecting or delivering goods are instructed by sign to remain in our trucks, so that Symaga Group employees load and unload the trucks distancing form the drivers and avoiding risks.

No visits to Symaga Group will be received without prior agreement.

Planned visits with customer are to be re-confirmed with the customer prior to the visit. 

Symaga in Africa

Symaga storage solutions have been chosen by many African governments. Sudanese government uphold access to food in the African country through a grain storage project with 300,000 tonnes of capacity. The project is divided into two plants with more than 90 silos in Barakat city, on the coast of the Blue Nile, and in Manaqil city, in the state of Al Jazirah. This project has been developed together with our client CTS Steel Silos / CTS Group.