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Climate adapted farming methods in focus at AgriTech Expo Zambia

AgriTech Expo Zambia, a agricultural trade fair in Zambia presented by Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and organised by DLG Agriculture, a local subsidiary of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), will be held from the 7 - 9 of April 2022 at the GART outdoor exhibition field, near Chisamba in Zambia

Soybean in a conventional tillage (left) and no-till plot (right) 52 days after sowing. (Image source: DLG)Soybean in a conventional tillage (left) and no-till plot (right) 52 days after sowing. (Image source: DLG)

The goal of the expo is establishing a marketplace for industry professionals, young agripreneurs and farmers of all scales, to come together in one location to conduct exclusive agribusiness transactions while being educated on the latest global industry trends to advance into the next generation of food production.

It will be a platform to exchange information with the Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) project leaders and mechanised conservation agriculture project partners like Bayer, Seed Co, Omnia fertilisers, Precision Farming. 

Zambia has seen impacts of climate change across the entire country in the recent years. The rains come late in the season and end early, often resulting in heavy runoff and floods. The climate adapted farming methods project an initiative of the AKTC which started in 2019, is aimed at minimising climate related impacts and secure income among small-scale and emergent farmer through the practice of mechanised conservation agriculture.

Achieving good plant stand is a key factor for high yields; plant populations in no-till plots developed better than in conventional tillage plots. This is probably a result of higher soil moisture contents and reduced evaporation – no-till reducing rainwater runoff and improving the water infiltration.

Less time and fuel was required for planting in no-till plots reducing production cost while weed control and insect control recorded insignificant time, labour and fuel differences.

Visitors to the expo can discuss learnings of field trials and see the most recent developments in the farming sector first-hand. The complete list of exhibitors at AgriTech Expo Zambia can be found at