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ECOWAS takes part in SARA for the first time

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is actively taking part in the sixth edition of the Agriculture and Animal Resources Fair (SARA) for the first time to share key results of the implementation of the Regional Agricultural Policy, ECOWAP, the reference framework for interventions in the region’s agroforestry and fisheries sector

SARA is a major agricultural event in West Africa, providing a platform for meetings and exchanges of experience between stakeholders in the sector of agriculture, animal resources and fisheries. Based the theme 'African agriculture faced with internal and external shocks: structural innovations to improve agricultural sectors and guarantee food sovereignty,' SARA officially opened its doors on 29 September 2023 in Abidjan. The event provides an opportunity for visibility, establishing contacts, sharing experiences and lobbying through its visitors, national and international investors, the countries represented, professionals and the various exhibits on the stands.

Speakers at the opening ceremony highlighted the unique nature of SARA as an opportunity to bring together stakeholders along the agricultural value chain, to share their know-how and thus contribute to food and nutritional sovereignty in a global context marked by the high cost of staple foods.

As part of the meetings to strengthen the partnership, the Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Agriculture and her delegation held talks with the Regional Director for West and Central Africa of the World Food Programme (WFP) to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions with a view to ensuring food security for the people of West Africa.