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EuroTier 2022: Platform for innovations

As part of EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management, organiser DLG (German Agricultural Society) is presenting three different award schemes for innovative solutions in the livestock sector

Euro Tier 6 JuneThe DLG Innovation Award EuroTier is one of the leading awards in the international agricultural industry. (Image source: DLG)

Recognising the outstanding importance of animal husbandry technology in shaping sustainable livestock management, the awards reflect the three central fields of innovation: visions and concepts, animal welfare and animal health, and equipment and products available for practical use. 

Modern animal husbandry technologies play a central role in finding solutions to current challenges such as animal welfare, sustainability or food security. This year's main theme of EuroTier, ‘Transforming animal farming’, focuses on this goal with DLG's Innovation Awards underscoring the potential of technical innovations and visions to bring together increased productivity, resource conservation and animal welfare.

Innovation Award EuroTier

The DLG Innovation Award EuroTier is one of the leading awards in the international agricultural industry. Honouring innovations for practical use while underlining the importance that modern animal husbandry technology has for agriculture, the award scheme is open to exhibiting companies and its innovation at EuroTier. Following evaluation, a neutral jury, the DLG commission, selects which products will receive the ‘Innovation Award EuroTier’ in gold or silver. 

Animal Welfare Award

Since 2018, the Animal Welfare Award has been conferred by the DLG jointly with the bpt (German Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians). To be considered for this award, an innovation must first be awarded a silver or gold at the EuroTier Innovation Award. While animal welfare is one of several criteria, the Animal Welfare Award recognizes an innovation that “particularly meets the requirements of a higher animal welfare standard." 

DLG Agrifuture Concept Winners

The new award scheme at EuroTier ‘DLG Agrifuture Concepts’ recognises pioneering achievements and future visions that have not yet reached market maturity, but are in the development phase. Concepts for animal husbandry with relevance and potential for improving good professional practice are suitable entries.