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Irritec launches second edition of Irritec Best Agrishot

Irritec has launched the 2021 edition of its international photography competition, which aims to celebrate the stories of women as the central figures in the agri-food sector

Irritec Drip irrigationIRRITEC BEST AGRISHOT 2021: “WOMEN’S STORIES IN AGRICULTURE" aims to celebrate the stories of women as the central figures in the agri-food sector. (Image source: Irritec)

Best Agrishot, the photographic competition promoted by Irritec, a Sicilian company that is one of the world leaders in precision irrigation, is now in its second edition. The initiative is aimed to showcase different owners and employees of farms from all over the world, who wish to communicate their commitment to the care of the earth, through photographs.

The theme chosen for this year is 'Women's stories in agriculture'; it is a tribute to the stories of women in the agricultural world, who take to the field everyday, and contribute to the growth and development of the sector. 

In fact, agriculture is the sector with the highest percentage of female employment. For example, in the fruit and vegetable segment, one company out of three is run by a woman, and about 70% of employees are women.

"Irritec is committed to improving women’s lives, even at a delicate time like the one we are facing, in which women are paying a very high price in terms of declining employment and increasing domestic violence," explains Giulia Giuffrè, board member and Sustainability Ambassador of Irritec - "Best Agrishot was born from this vision and it is a project with which we wish to pay tribute to the stories of women, mothers and entrepreneurs who, day after day, take care of our land and its fruits".

Participants can register for the Best Agrishot contest until 31 July, by filling in the online form and attaching one or more photographs (up to ten) corresponding to the required theme, and technical properties. 

Once the application deadline closes, the jury will choose the winner, and the results will be announced through Irritec's proprietary channels and the social media profiles of Salina Doc Fest, the Festival of Narrative Documentary, which has seen Irritec as the main sponsors for years. Giulia Giuffrè has assumed the role of vice-president of the event this year.

The winner will also have the opportunity to be the protagonist of a reportage on his or her own farm.

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