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New products for aquaculture hatcheries launched

Meriden Animal Health is launching a unique breakthrough product for the early days of larval rearing which mirrors an optimal wild larval diet


Phyconomix is a ready to use range of products, available in a liquid and powder form, designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of growing shrimp and fish larvae.

The importance of optimal nutrition during the early periods of life is paramount in any living species. In aquaculture as with other animals, the young are vulnerable and adequate nutritional provision for fry and post larvae reduces risk of mortality and poor development.


Shrimp and fish larval nutrition is generally poorly understood. Specific nutrients involved in optimal growth, survival and immunity can be missing in standard dietary regimes or at best, present at levels capable of negatively impacting on larval quality and quantity. It is generally accepted that essential fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins, trace elements and carotenoids figure prominently in this scenario, and delivery methods for such nutrients must also be optimal to ensure maximum delivery to target organs.

Both shrimp or fish larvae have a requirement for optimum nutrition and it has been shown that Phyconomix can meet these requirements, without the need, cost, labour or disease risk of having to produce algae within the hatchery.