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Keeping salmon stress-free with BioMar's Calm

Stress can cause reduced growth potential and the increased risk of secondary infections in salmon. (Image source: BioMar)

Leading aquafeed company, BioMar recently introduced its new product Calm, aimed at complementing the SmartCare range of products in Salmon feeds 

While in their natural habitat, salmon face numerous challenges that need to be addressed prior to farming them for consumption. For example, the sea lice that latch onto the skin of salmon are removed by subjecting them to mechanical and other forms of treatment involving overcrowding and general handling, often considered stressful for the fish. 

Stress is known to have a number of adverse effects including reduced growth potential, and the increased risk of secondary infections. In such cases, SmartCare Calm comes in handy to efficiently tackle stress, thus helping the fish maintain the expected level of performance. 

Comprising natural ingredients, Calm can either be used in combination with SmartCare products or be added to grower diets. Research has shown the product to have a positive effect on feed intake, growth, and pigmentation, leading to better results for the farmer at harvest.

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