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Danish dairy firm focuses on sub-Saharan Africa business

Denmark-based dairy firm Arla has announced its plan to increase its business in sub-Saharan Africa over the next two years

By 2017, the company intends to increase its annual revenues of US$103.4mn to US$318.1mn by focusing on its powdered and UHT milk business.

According to the dairy firm, it sells products in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire. Arla’s strategic focus is also directed at markets like Ghana, Senegal, DR Congo as well as other markets in Africa, added the company.

Finn Hansen, international business group head of Arla, said, “More and more African consumers demand types of dairy products that cannot always be produced locally in adequate volumes. We offer good nutrition through our powdered milk products and simultaneously we want to ensure that our business does not have any negative effects on local farmers.”

Hansen revealed that the company would update its human right policy in its code of conduct in order to comply with the United Nations Guiding Principals (UNGPs) and OECD guidelines on human rights by 15 July 2015.