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Intraco joins forces with trinamiX for mobile feed analysis

This solution enables the feed advisors of Intraco’s distributors to assess raw materials and final feed in real time and advise local farmers to ensure that livestock is fed nutritionally balanced and cost-effectively. (Image source: Intraco)

Leading exporter of premixes, Intraco Ltd and leading mobile spectroscopy solutions provider and BASF subsidiary, trinamiX GmbH have announced their collaboration for mobile feed analysis

The objective of the partnership is to give Intraco and its distribution partners the opportunity to analyse the nutrient composition of feed with trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution - a robust, handheld spectrometer, which comes together with a mobile app and customer portal. Besides enabling the feed advisors of Intraco’s distributors to assess raw materials and final feed in real time, the solution also advises local farmers to ensure that livestock is fed nutritionally balanced and cost-effectively.

Since the nutritional needs of livestock vary at different stages of life and health conditions, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the nutrient content in animal feed to ensure the quality of animal diets. Moreover, with the regular change of raw materials, diet modification becomes commonplace. The trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectrometer analyses a wide range of finished feeds, cereals, oilseed and expeller meals, extraction meals and byproducts, as well as forage, within seconds. This saves time on laboratory analyses or standard nutritional values that feed advisors and farmers were traditionally relying on. 

In addition, trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution also offers valuable insights on moisture, protein, fat, and energy content, among other factors, without requiring samples to be sent to the lab. As a result, Intraco can conduct nutritional analyses of the local raw materials on site more quickly, enabling them to provide customised feed formulations directly to their clients.

“We are deeply impressed by the dedication and commitment of Intraco to offer the optimal feed solution to its distribution partners and their customers," said manager of Business Development & Sales IR Sensing at trinamiX, Miriam Suhren. "By combining their expertise and experience with innovative technology, they are unlocking further potential for optimizing rations and quality control of raw materials. We are excited that we can support Intraco with our solution to complement their well-established feed offerings, supporting and easing the daily work of farmers and feed advisors alike.” 

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