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Methane Tamer: reducing methane while improving feed efficiency

Cattle consume feed supplemented with CH4 Global’s Methane Tamer, Beef Feedlot version. (Image source: CH4 Global)

CH4 Global's methane-reducing feed additive, Methane Tamer has been fed to first group of cattle, the company along with CirPro Australia announced today

At a feedlot in South Australia, 70 cattle were fed Methane Tamer for 100 days, whereby an estimated 105 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions were avoided. This is equal to the amount of carbon sequestered by more than 1,700 tree saplings for 10 years.     

Moreover, the cattle that were fed Methane Tamer showed same levels of weight gain as the control group, although they consumed less feed per day. This indicated a significant improvement in feed conversion efficiency

Methane Tamer works by harnessing the power of Asparagopsis seaweed that feed studies have shown up to 90% reduction in enteric methane emissions. CH4 Global has fine-tuned Methane Tamer Beef Feedlot so that farmers and feedlots can seamlessly integrate it into their operations, and guarantee a minimum of 70% methane reductions.

"Together with our partners, we are significantly increasing the number of cattle consuming Methane Tamer while also establishing the ability to export this reduced-methane beef to meet growing global demand," said CH4 Global CEO, Steve Meller.