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Namibian cattle exports set to benefit local farmers

The Namibian government is seeking to export cattle to Angola to keep livestock production in the country profitable, while improving the livelihoods of local farmers

The Omaheke Regional Council will join forces with Angola’s Cuando Cubango province to export cattle on the hoof as well as processed meat products to Angola.

"I have received an invitation from the governor of the Lubango province, General Higino Carneiro, to visit him in November to discuss the details of the proposed long-term plan and hopefully sign the agreement that could boost our meat industry, create hundreds of jobs and contribute on a big scale to the [economy] by adding value to our export products,” revealed the Omaheke region governor, Festus Ueitele.

Namibian/Angolan Housing Institution (NAAHI) founder, Jose Oliveira, stated that Namibia has exported more than 200,000 cattle to South Africa, while Angola is still in need of better quality livestock.

"We are hammering out the details of a sustainable, long-term export trade that will be in the best interest of both countries," Oliveira said.

"We will sell our animals and meat products at respectable prices, and the Angolans are prepared to pay these prices because of the quality they get and the knowledge that they will improve vastly on their breeding stock.”