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NOAH launches #VaccinesWork campaign

On the World Animal Vaccination Day, NOAH, a member of AnimalhealthEurope, has launched this year’s #VaccinesWork campaign

The campaign will highlight the importance of innovation to produce new vaccines.

A survey shows that people know vaccination is good for animal health and that having healthy animals benefits us and our environment. The campaign will also explain how we need to work together to improve the uptake of the vaccines already available to protect UK animals, said NOAH

The survey focused on topics covering the right to receive medicines, animal welfare, disease prevention and cure, as well as zoonoses, food safety and general awareness.

The survey has also found good awareness of what vaccines do and how are they beneficial. People agreed that the vaccines should be used regularly in their pets and farm animals.

About 69% of the people supported the use of new technologies for animal vaccinations, paving the way to innovation, research and development, to protect the health of UK animals.

Dawn Howard, NOAH CEO, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of vaccination in helping to protect us from disease and to reduce the transmission of infection. It has shown how industry can work alongside others to address threats from emerging diseases it has undoubtedly helped improve public understanding of the importance of vaccination.”

“Our industry can respond to emerging animal diseases, helping slow or even halt their transmission, including through the development of new, innovative vaccines. With the forthcoming review of the UK veterinary regulatory process later this year, we have an opportunity to ensure the UK can incentivise innovation, product research and development, including for novel vaccines,” Howard added. 

“As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, it is right that animal vaccination should be a priority in the UK and globally. Because after all, #VaccinesWork,” she said.