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Prevention and control of livestock diseases made easy with Tianlong Solution

Tianlong Technology provides pioneering disease detection solutions, comprising a variety of instruments and matching reagents that allow for swift and reliable detection of African Swine Fever (ASF), Avian Influenza (AI) and foot and mouth disease, among others

These instruments exhibit outstanding performance in pathogene nucleic acid detection, guaranteeing the ability to quickly obtain precise, stable, and reliable outcomes, which enhances detection efficiency significantly. Multiple throughput can also meet various detection quantity requirements.

Tianlong's compatible nucleic acid extraction and PCR detection kits have also played a crucial part in detecting livestock diseases in many countries. 

The animal disease detection process involves the use of Tianlong's Animal Virus DNA and RNA Extraction Kit, and African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method). Both these kits demonstrate exceptional performance in a wider range of sample types and higher sensitivity. When used in conjunction with Tianlong's instruments, it has the capacity to detect large sample volume, thereby increasing the detection rate of low concentration samples.

Furthermore, for the detection of AI, Tianlong's Avian Influenza Virus H7N9 Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method), which includes the detection of both LPAI and HPAI, has gained significant attention due to its exceptional performance. 

To ensure adherence to strict quality standards, Tianlong has implemented a comprehensive quality management system. With ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications, alongside standardized GMP product line for animal drugs. With Tianlong's products being extensively used in more than 100 countries and regions globally, the company focuses on standardised workflows, ensuring the production of top-quality products.

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