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South Africa distributes vaccines in districts to fight livestock diseases

The government of South Africa has delivered 356,000 doses of foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccines in its southern province districts

FMD is an infectious and, sometimes, fatal viral disease that affects cloven hoofed domestic and wild animals. The virus causes a high fever for two or three days, followed by blisters inside the mouth and on the feet that may rupture and cause lameness.

Charles Maseka, southern province veterinary officer, said, “In the first phase, we carried out biannual vaccinations against foot and mouth disease in the province. For the second phase, we have received 356,000 doses, which will be used to vaccinate livestock with foot and mouth diseases in high risk zones in the region.”

The FMD high risk districts in southern province are Monze, Mazabuka, Zimba, Namwala, and Kazungula. Of the 356,000 doses Mazabuka will receive 51,000, while 70,000 doses are for Monze district. Namwala, Zimba and Kazungula will each get 180,000, 15,000 and 80,000 respectively, Maseka said.

“To boost the lucrative poultry industry, which is threatened by the newcastle disease, the government has also delivered 1.4mn doses of newcastle disease vaccines,” he added.

Newcastle disease is a contagious bird disease, which is also transmissible to humans.