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Tanzania government issues US$9.1mn for construction of cattle dips

The Tanzanian government has issued a US$9.1mn subsidy for the construction and rehabilitation of 1,276 cattle dips

Deputy minister for livestock and fisheries development, Benedict Ole Nangoro, addressed the National Assembly, stating that the government would also subsidised the purchase of 99,505 litres of veterinary medicines costing more than US$9.2mn.

Ole Nangoro has said that during 2011-12 and 2012-13 financial years the government issued subsidy costing more than US$3mn for the purchase of 48 milligram doses of phylanx disease.

"The doses were used to vaccinate 36,790,517 cows in 17 regions. Moreover, 6,566,666 doses of Rift Valley fever were used to vaccinate more than 2.8mn cows, 1.4mn goats and 570,862 sheep in 11 regions at cost of more than US$2.4mn," Nangoro stated.

"From next year, livestock will be among priority sectors and under the sector's strategic plan such fund can be established," he added.

The government has also issued subsidy for construction of 10 cattle auctions in nearby area, which includes 12 secondary auctions; hide processing sites and milk factories and Sakina and operating abattoirs.