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UNMISS hosts conference to end cattle raids

A two-day conference to end cattle raids in the states of Northern Liech, Twic and Gogrial concluded at Mankein last week

The conference, organised by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), brought together Northern Liech State Governor Joseph Manytuil, Twic State Governor Atem Madut, and Gogrial State Governor Victor Atem Atem.

The three governors discussed the crisis at Turalel and Mayom payams, which claimed 45 lives and displaced many civilians from their homes.

Joseph Manytuil said at the opening of the Mankien dialogue, “You might have heard some tragedies in the last two weeks that took our people’s lives and damaged our public infrastructure.”

The governors eventually decided that the Kwajok resolutions agreed upon last year should now be implemented. They added that cattle keepers need military force protection to avoid further raids and end the cycle of related murders and destruction.

Twic’s Atem Madut added, “In this peace and security arrangement, everyone has a stake: we as political leaders, to sensitise our people to implement this peace deal; and our military, as national forces, to protect our people.”

Joseph Manytuil of Northern Liech State took the initiative to define the number of cattle that had been looted from previous raids and handed them over to the owners. He also advised his colleagues to do the same thing.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), which has supported the tri-state peace negotiations technically and logistically is a silent observer on this occasion, as the South Sudanese regional leaders reach important resolutions.