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Alltech US Pork Team introduces Levelset at World Pork Expo

The Alltech U.S. Pork Team has introduced Levelset, an innovative solution designed to reinforce gut health in pigs. (Image source: Alltech)

Levelset, an innovative solution manufactured by Ridley Feed Ingredients was designed to reinforce pig gut health and has recently been introduced by the Alltech US Pork Team at the World Pork Expo, which took place from 5-6 June at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa 

Levelset’s blend of key technologies synergistically supports natural resistance against diarrhea challenges while enhancing overall enteric health. The product is designed for maximum impact during three different life stages of production namely, pre-farrow sows, suckling pigs and weaned pigs, thus making it an exceptional tool in any production strategy.

“Across the industry, pathogen resistance is an ever-growing challenge, and solutions to reduce reliance on conventional antibiotics are of critical importance,” said Andy Rash, general manager of Alltech’s US swine business. “Levelset is an innovative blend of carefully developed technologies that minimises undesirable organisms within the gut, thus promoting the overall health and productivity of pigs.”