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DanBred’s years of breeding progress contributes to future pig production

DanBred’s continuous breeding progress results in direct profitability for you as a pig producer. The company aims to deliver world-class pig genetics and extensive service solutions to professional pig producers worldwide

DanBred’s long-term, balanced breeding goal is revised regularly, which ensures the genetic progress, so it can continue to represent the most efficient breeding animals in the world. This results in direct profitability for the customer.

Not only has the company seen a progress that contributes positively to the bottom line, but their breeding progress also contributes to reducing the climate footprint and making the pig production more sustainable through better utilisation of resources.

The developments are a result of comprehensive breeding work, e.g., through performance tests of more than 100,000 breeding animals every year, selection of the best breeding candidates, as well as extensive data collection and analysis. This has created unique world-class pig genetic. But what impact has the breeding work had for the individual pig producers, and what can you expect in the future? Click here to find out more.