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Kampala pork unhygienic, contaminated, say experts

Unhygienic pig slaughtering, transportation and preparation techniques have resulted in contamination of pork in Kampala

Most of the pork in the region has been classified as not fit for human consumption by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) public health department.

According to KCCA senior veterinary officer, Dr Emilia Ahimbisibwe, pork sold in the city is increasingly becoming risky for human consumption due to unscientific slaughtering techniques.

He warned that regular pork consumers face the danger of contracting epilepsy or other psychological aliments.

“The city is littered with illegal pork abattoirs in various suburbs like Nsambya in Kamwanyi Zone, Kinawatakka and Wambizzi in Lubaga Division,” Ahimbisibwe said.

He added that pork contains tape worms, which cause epilepsy when consumed without proper preparation. The health department has also warned consumers against feasting on meat, which is not thoroughly cooked.

“We are drafting new laws to guide butchery attendants and animal transportation to end this food insecurity in the city,” he said.