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2-in-1 system meets consumers' high demand for poultry portions

As supermarkets and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) are asking poultry processors for high volumes of typical portioned products, Marel has offered help in responding to this high demand by introducing I-Cut 122 TrimSort

I-Cut 122 TrimSort can cut various high-value boneless products, accurately distributing them to two streams at the highest speeds. The integrated TrimSort functionality and smarter software allow for the distribution of many combinations of cut product to the two integrated belt pairs. All of this is done in one smart system with a small footprint, without the need for additional machines.

A smaller fillet, cutoffs and trim

I-Cut 122 TrimSort can portion a fillet into a smaller fillet, useful off-cuts and trim, while sorting the cut items properly on two conveyor belt pairs. The smaller cut fillet - which stays on the top belts - can be used for many supermarket and QSR products such as fixed-weight fillet packs or whole muscle meat burgers. The cut-off medallions, strips or cubes, together with trim, land safely on the second, lower internal conveyor belt. This lower outfeed belt will take these portions to another process, so that they can end up in QSR whole muscle chicken wraps, chicken salads or ‘crispy tenders’.

A meticulous job

The super-fast opening and closing belts do a reliable, meticulous sorting job, in close cooperation with the cutting knife which has an accuracy of 5 grams. Morten Dalqvist, product specialist at Marel’s, said, “When tenderloin is your input product, TrimSort can drop the tip, leave perfect cubes on the upper belt and drop the tail too. Such a job needs no operators to separate quality products from trim, making the I-Cut 122 TrimSort a labor-saving solution.”


Equipped with the latest handling and communication software, I-Cut 122 TrimSort is able to keep the collected data connected to each product on the belt, allowing the distribution to its best destination. Sharing product data through the process allows Marel machines to work together. This makes the portioning process an intelligent hub in the product creation chain and greatly helps processors meet the requirements of retail, QSR and catering customers. Their voluminous orders for high-quality portioned products will be easier to fulfill.